Kelly Piquet sends pulses racing in topless photoshoot to celebrate Max Verstappen glory

Red Bull driver max Verstappen perhaps has the most widely recognised girlfriend on the track amongst all drivers currently in the sport.

Daughter of Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet, Kelly has in one way or the other found an association with F1.

While Max is not her first boyfriend racer, having dated and even had a child with former Red bull driver Daniil Kvyaat, Kelly is often seen on the sidelines supporting Max.

The past two years have been especially good for the Dutchman professionally, having claimed two successive world championships.

Even in terms of his personal life, he seems to be in a good zone, and the power couple often share updates on social media that make F1 fans gush.

This time, however, Kelly made headlines for a topless photoshoot that she was part of following Max’s triumph.

Some photos of this photoshoot were posted by Kelly on Instagram.

Kelly’s father Nelson Piquet may have had a great F1 career in the past, but his comments in recent times have not gone down well with fans.

Far from being graced as one of the greatest to ever drive an F1 car, Piquet recently referred to Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton using the Portuguese equivalent of the ‘n’ word.

This was naturally viewed by fans as extremely derogatory and while he did later issue a public apology, he was given a life-long paddock ban by the FIA.

Verstappen later criticised FIA’s decision to ban the father of his girlfriend, saying that he does not believe Piquet is actually racist and was rather mistranslated.

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