Kelly Piquet rages at Max Verstappen for unnecessary act during brother’s wedding ceremony in viral video

Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet may not have tied the knot just yet, but they are very much like a family already, always together on important days.

Kelly’s brother and former Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr. recently got married to his long-term girlfriend Patsy Zurita, but even on this occasion, it was Max Verstappen who stole all the headlines in what was a grand event at the Fazenda Santa Barbara.

Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen. Credit:
Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen. Credit:

Being in the news has now become second nature for Verstappen, who has completely blown away his competitors in recent seasons.

However, this time, he made headlines for his antics off the track.

As the wedding ceremonies were drawing to a conclusion, Patsy Zurita threw her bouquet towards a group of eagerly waiting women.

It is believed that the person who catches the bouquet will get married next. Part of the group of women was Kelly Piquet.

However, she wasn’t the one who caught the bouquet.

Although she was jovial and cheering for the person who did end up catching it, Max Verstappen was celebrating the fact that his girlfriend didn’t get the flowers.

The Red Bull driver punched the air and seemed to thank god for this stroke of luck which meant he was not next in line.

Seeing this, Kelly Piquet playfully joined in the drama and pretended as if she was mad at her boyfriend.

She gave Max some choice words, all of which was captured in a video that has gone viral on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter.

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