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Kelly Piquet has returned to Twitter after a two-year hiatus, and has decided to give the bird site another chance.

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend left Twitter and deleted her account. She did it after receiving abuse from people almost every day. It got too much for her to handle, and she subsequently left the site.

The daughter of Nelson Piquet stayed away for a long time, and her streak has come to an end now. Kelly Piquet returned to Twitter after a two-year hiatus and announced that she was trying to be active on it again.

On 19 October, the 32-year-old tweeted for the first time since December 2019, “Let’s give this thing another try…”

The tweet got a lot of attention, given it was someone famous returning to social media after a long time. Many responses asked her about her boyfriend Verstappen, while some other users talked about the rivalry he has with Lewis Hamilton.

Dark underbelly of social media

However, there were also very cheap and disgusting comments under her tweet, which was probably the reason she left in the first place. There were many comments that were really crass and calling her all sorts of names.

Despite that, many welcomed Kelly back with positive comments and dispelled the trolls. They also offered her support and stated that Twitter can be toxic and that one should only put up with it as much as they can.

One user wrote, “Take care with the comments, Twitter can be super fun but extremely toxic at the same time, different from Instagram toxicity but there nonetheless. Hope you have fun queen!”

The model is currently in a relationship with 23-year-old Verstappen. They confirmed their relationship at the beginning of this year on Instagram.

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