After a year together, Max Verstappen thrills Kelly Piquet in first meeting with her father Nelson

Kelly Piquet was left thrilled after beau Max Verstappen met her father for the first time.

Verstappen has been in a relationship with Kelly for a while now. He recently won his ninth race of the season, and celebrated it in homely fashion.

While meeting the father of your girlfriend is nothing to write about, the curious thing about this incident is that the Red Bull driver is meeting Nelson Piquet for the first time. This is surprising given Verstappen has been dating Kelly since last year. They also spent the new year together in Brazil.

It took the pair the better part of a year to finally cross paths. As a result, Kelly was thrilled after Verstappen met her father, and took to social media to express her excitement.

On her Instagram story, Kelly put up a picture of Verstappen and the three-time world champion talking and captioned it, “Finally they meet.”

Nelson Piquet meets Max Verstappen. Source: Instagram


Verstappen not meeting his girlfriend’s legendary father is both funny and surprising, but it may not have been practical. Brazil has been suffering a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been one of the countries to avoid.

There are strict protocols for everyone who steps foot in Rio de Janeiro, and Verstappen may have chosen to exercise caution over socialisation. It is a good thing, and if that is indeed the case, the Dutchman needs to be commended.

Ultimately, he has finally met the father of the girl of his dreams, and as far as relationships go, that is a massive step.

Speaking of massive steps, Verstappen took a giant step towards winning his maiden world championship. He won the race in Mexico, and currently sits 19 points clear of the driver in second place.

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