Kevin Magnussen spills the beans on potential partnership with Nico Hulkenberg amidst dodgy past

There are only two races left in the current season and Haas driver Mick Schumacher’s future in the sport is still pretty uncertain.

The team is reportedly in talks with Nico Hulkenberg over a potential deal to sign the Aston Martin reserve driver for next season, but on the back of his recent performances, Mick might believe he is on the right track.

His teammate Kevin Magnussen, who has had a storied past with Hulkenberg, believes that all their run-ins don’t count for much now and he would be happy to line up with the fan favourite if Haas decides to sign him for 2023.

When Hulkenberg was a regular feature in the sport, he did have a few edgy moments with Magnussen.

One such incident spilled over outside the circuit and gained a fair chunk of media attention.

Following the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2017, Hulkenberg, who was racing for Renault, took the outside line. Magnussen was keen not to spare him any space and as a result, pushed him off the track.

Later, Magnussen got involved with Nico during a post-race interview where he asked him to “suck my balls”.

However, Magnussen has since moved past that moment and said that he would be happy to partner up with Hulkenberg.

He said, “I think I’ve said many times now, that I don’t have a problem with Nico at all.

“Actually, I respect him as a racing driver, I don’t really know him as a person. But certainly as a racing driver, I’ve always respected him so I would have no problem.”

Does Mick have a chance at Haas?

Mick Schumacher. Credit:
Mick Schumacher. Credit:

Earlier, Mick Schumacher had been informed by the Haas hierarchy that the only chance he had at retaining his seat would be to score some points.

Since then, Mick has not managed a single point in the two races that he has featured in.

Perhaps what will be more frustrating for his team is the fact that Mick has frequently been involved in crashes which have invariably led to damage on the car.

This adds to the team’s bill and it is no secret that they run on a relatively tight budget anyway.

Regarding Mick’s future, Steiner had recently said, “For me, it’s no longer about one race, one lap. For me, it’s about what’s best for the Haas team in the medium to long term.

“It’s not like they said that if Mick scores points now, he has the place or not.”

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