At the Turkish Grand Prix, the story of Kimi Raikkonen and his beverages system has continued. On previous instances, the Iceman’s system was not linked, prompting him to complain about it over the team radio.

This time, though, it was a different story. The beverage system in the Alfa Romeo driver’s car had spilled while he was zipping around Istanbul Park, causing complications for the Finn and making him yell on the team radio.

Raikkonen dealing with another alcohol-related issue

Drivers must hydrate themselves while racing around the circuit at breakneck speeds for hours. However, not having his beverages system linked is one of Kimi’s greatest roadblocks throughout a Grand Prix weekend.

However, as he sped around the Turkish course, his beverage system leaked heavily, enraging the Finnish driver.

“How’s it so f***ing difficult to do simple things correctly?! Yeah because I disconnected it came leaking in my f***king helmet, so I disconnected. The most simple part in the whole car and we can’t f***ing fix it,” Kimi said.

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Raikkonen starts strong for his team in what will be his final season on the grid. This weekend, though, that may be more difficult, as he finished fifteenth in the first practice session.

He had a huge issue with his drinking system while in FP2. Instead of giving up, the Finn hopes to redeem himself in Saturday’s final practice session before preparing for the grueling qualifying session.

What are your predictions for the Finn as he prepares to compete in the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend in Istanbul, given the weekend’s obstacles?

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