Kimi Raikkonen’s wife Minttu’s harsh reality check for Lewis Hamilton – “If you cry like a girl when you lose…”

A number of drivers have crossed the path of Lewis Hamilton over the years, but perhaps there are none who have had as big a fan following as former F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen.

While Kimi was a man of few words, there were times when even he got annoyed by Hamilton’s antics.

Back at the 2018 British Grand Prix, there was an incident between the two drivers.

While the collision may well have sent Hamilton to the back of the grid, he did well to recover and eventually pipped Raikkonen in the race to take second spot.

However, Hamilton was far from happy and expressed his discontent as soon as the media arrived.

“Interesting tactics from their side. It’s now two races Ferraris have taken out one of the Mercedes,” Hamilton had said.

Raikkonen may not have been one to respond to such allegations, but it certainly didn’t sit well with his wife Minttu.

She was quick to take a jab at the Mercedes driver.

“If you cry like a girl when you lose, do ballet,” wrote Minttu.

Things did not blow out of proportion and Hamilton was quick to say that he accepted Raikkonen’s apology for the collision between the two.

What did Hamilton say in response?

Lewis Hamilton. Credit:

In fact, such was his respect for Raikkonen that he felt bad about his own previous comments, terming them ‘dumb’.

“Kimi said sorry and I accept it and we move on. It was a racing incident and nothing more. Sometimes we say dumb sh*t and we learn from it,” Hamilton said.

In hindsight, it is good that the matter didn’t escalate.

At the pinnacle of motorsport, it is understandable that drivers can sometimes fail to control their emotions and may even say things that they don’t mean.

In Hamilton’s case, perhaps he was frustrated that he could not win the British Grand Prix in front of his home crowd.

He did, however, eventually go on to win the championship later that season.

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