When Kimi Raikkonen’s sexist comment proved why F1 continues to be a toxic environment for females

Former F1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen is one of the most popular drivers to have graced the sport, largely owing to his quirky personality and of course his talent behind the wheels.

The utterly disinterest manner in which Kimi would appear interviews during his racing career often led audiences in splits as they began to understand his personality.

However, Raikkonen was involved in a rather sexist exchange while at an ice racing adventure event in 2014.

Raikkonen is known to be a big fan of cold terrains and perhaps this owes a lot to his descent from Finland where sub-zero temperatures are observed for large parts of the winter season.

Right from his childhood, Kimi loved driving on silky ice and seemed to do so with little to no fear of any consequences.

At the time, Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham was the face explaining events as they transpired along the ring.

Kimi provided some important insights to her about driving on ice.

The former Ferrari driver wasn’t the only illustrious personality present at the event as he was joined by a long list of motorsport’s elite.

As part of his duties, Raikkonen joined Pinkham who was driving on ice.

He was trying to help her out the best he could but just couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she struggled to come to terms with the sleek surface.

At one point, he even blurted out a chauvnistic comment to the tune that women are always involved in crashes.

While Natalie didn’t take objection to the statement at the time, it was obvious that it would raise eyebrows from a number of viewers who questioned his archaic thought process.

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