Kravitz sends warning to FIA – “Needs to put it clear there was no conspiracy”

Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz sent a warning to the FIA, saying that they have to quash all accusations of foul play.

The FIA is conducting an investigation into what happened at the highly controversial Abu Dhabi GP. There, the Safety Car regulations were broken on the last lap, and the series of events ended up costing Lewis Hamilton the world championship.

The race rubbed many fans the wrong way, with accusations and criticism flying towards the sport’s governing body. The investigation they have opened under the watch of the new president has also not outlined exactly what they will be addressing.

As a result, Kravitz sent a warning to the FIA, saying the investigation must reach a conclusion that is the best possible one.

Speaking on a special edition of Sky Sports’ F1 Show, Kravitz explained, “In the past we’ve had teams on one (hand) going against teams on the other, it’s not (in) this case.

“It’s the team, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, against the governing body of the sport – and that’s where the fans feel what happened in Abu Dhabi was so wrong and where Mercedes maybe feel so wronged, and where F1 has a problem with sorting out its integrity and its confidence that people have in the sport.

“Because many fans are asking if those in charge just didn’t want Lewis Hamilton to become an eight-time World Champion, and if those in charge didn’t want Mercedes to win the Drivers’ World Championship.”

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina December 2021
The Abu Dhabi GP at the start. Source:


“That’s the issue, whether it’s some sort of conspiracy. That’s what this commission needs to put to bed, once and for all,” he explained.

“This commission from the FIA needs to put it clear there was no conspiracy here, it was just a misinterpretation, a misdirecting of our own rules – if that’s what they find.

“Why did (Race Director Michael) Masi change his mind? Did he have his mind changed for him? They have to be totally clear because it’s the credibility of the sport that fans are talking about.

“The fans think what happened was wrong, Mercedes think what happened was wrong, Lewis Hamilton thinks what happened was wrong and we need to sort that out,” he concluded.

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