Jan Lammers suspects that Lewis Hamilton is not a sincere person in real life.

Hamilton took his 100th F1 victory at the Russian GP, cementing his legacy in the sport if he hadn’t already. This season has seen him work hard to achieve the results he usually does, and that is down to his title fight with Max Verstappen.

The retired F1 driver said that his battle with Verstappen is revealing Hamilton’s true colours. Lammers suspects that what he is seeing this season means Hamilton is not a sincere person in real life, and that everything he does is too politically correct.

Speaking on the NOS Formula 1 podcast, Lammers said, “With all due respect of course, but I think in terms of Hamilton’s image this has been a bit of a problem – that in the past he has often given very politically correct, corporate statements.

Doubts about Hamilton's sincerity: Everyone can see it's a sales pitch
Lammers thinks the entire Hamilton (pictured) act is exactly that, an act. Source: gpblog.com

“Of course that’s very nice and very noble, but because of that you don’t see the real Lewis. Everyone sees that it is a sales pitch. With a salesman you always wonder if he is sincere and really has the device he’s selling at home.

“It’s a bit too much ‘corporate talk’, and as a result, he actually puts up a smokescreen around his real self. Lately we’ve been seeing a bit more of his real self, I think also triggered a bit by the clashes with Max, but I think for his BLM story it’s also really nice that he’s showing that,” he concluded.

Masked man?

Lammers’ statements are bound to cause controversy, but also celebrations among those who hate the Mercedes driver. Hamilton has been an ambassador of the sport for a long time, and has backed his unprecedented achievements on track with humanitarian endeavours off it.

To say that anyone, let alone Hamilton, is not a genuine person is a bold call, and we will leave it to our readers to debate that in the comments below.

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  1. How would you be if every word was analysed and criticised since being a teenager…..? ALL drivers have a media personality, and a private persona that very few see.

  2. What does being more “genuine” help him achieve? Much about Schumacher, Senna and many other multiple time world champions “real” side was quite difficult to like. The fact that Hamilton can win and maintain a certain veneer is actually really impressive to me. By winning so much, it can mean he can’t win certain people’s approval. But I have a feeling he’s not after their approval. Every other driver on the grid comes from a level of privilege far beyond where Hamilton worked his way up from and most display far less dignity.


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