Lance Stroll breaks hearts of female fans after getting caught cozying up with Israeli reality star at sister Chloe’s wedding party

Lance Stroll’s sister Chloe Stroll’s marriage was recently the talk of the F1 town, but it was the Canadian racer who ended the event raising most eyebrows.

The Aston Martin driver is believed to have been dating Sara Pagliaroli since 2021, but pictures surfaced of him making out with Israeli reality TV star Dian Schwartz.

However, the picture has since been confirmed to be from an event in London, after the duo had first met in Monaco earlier this year.

Schwartz was reportedly already on the guest list at Chloe’s wedding, which has given rise to belief that the two are officially seeing each other and it wasn’t simply just a moment of weakness on the part of Lance.

It does still leave the question of what happened to Pahliaroli largely unanswered.

Having been together since 2021, Pagliaroli was hailed by many F1 fans as one of the most attractive WAGs on the grid.

Her appearances have been very limited lately and the duo have even stopped sharing pictures on social media together.

It is worth noting that the Italian model was nowhere to be seen at Chloe’s wedding and this most likely means she was not on the guest list.

While it is all their own business, it has done little to stop a number of female fans of Lance from getting upset over his picture with Dian Schwartz.

Twitter user Alex said: “Delete rn what is wrong with youuuuuu (hyperventilating),” 

Another fan Wil was also far from happy. “Who is this woman and why isn’t it me.”

Some fans initially mistook Lance for being Charles Leclerc.

@hrysdelicatepov calmed down considerably after realising the picture was of Stroll, claiming she almost had a breakdown when she first thought it was Leclerc.

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