Lando Norris provides proof of how Netflix DTS added ‘fake’ drama during Daniel Ricciardo bust-up

McLaren driver Lando Norris has joined the list of F1 drivers who have criticised the Netflix documentary series titled Drive to Survive.

The show aims at capturing the behind-the-scenes action and has helped provide fans a unique insight into the events that transpire in the paddocks as well as track action.

However, Drive to Survive has also attracted significant criticism in recent years for its over-the-top depiction of events.

Many times, it has been noted that events have not been authentically denoted by Netflix and it has led to a distorted representation of drivers’ personalities.

This made Red Bull driver Max Verstappen completely boycott the show last season, as he claimed that the show is ‘fake’.

Given the show’s popularity, streamers enjoy discussing various happenings that take place in the episodes.

Norris calls out fake Netflix audio

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. Credit:
Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. Credit:

In a similar upcoming video with Quadrant, Norris discussed some of the best moments in the series.

Even he was unable to hold back from criticising the show in depicting a ‘fake racing incident’.

Watching a part of the 2021 F1 Bahrain Grand Prix, Norris can be seen shouting, “He forced me off”.

In reality, he was seventh at the time while his teammate Daniel Ricciardo was seventh and the manner in which the show depicted the incident seems to suggest frustration towards the Honey Badger.

However, Norris’ reaction completely disspelled this notion and brought more cloud over the show’s authenticity.

“They made it out like we are biggest enemies here. ‘He forced me off’, that was not even from this race! Look, he is not even near me!”

It was clear on closer inspection that the two drivers were not even close and Ricciardo was by no means blocking Norris. This naturally frustrated the British driver.

Our verdict: Enjoy the series as it still provides unbelievable footage from behind-the-scenes, but don’t treat everything you see as the absolute truth.

Treat the show purely for its entertainment value and you’re likely to find enough fun moments across the season.

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