Lando Norris rues costly mistake during the Sochi F1 GP

Lando Norris may have committed the biggest error of his career so far at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix, when trusting his instincts over the team’s disastrously backfired, allowing him to miss out on an excellent opportunity to win his maiden Formula 1 race.

One choice, made only a few circuits before the checkered flag, cost him the lead and five additional spots, and he finished in P7. That was such a heartbreaking time!

It appears that the Brit has learned his lesson. Norris advised his anonymous gaming buddy to always pit when it’s about to rain on a live stream.

In what appears to be the latest edition of the F1 computer game, F1 2021, Norris and his ‘buddy’ were busy racing each other at the Red Bull Ring.

When Norris learned that the race would be rained off, he told his pal to box rather than risk running on slicks. He went on to say that his on-track experience has led him to advocate for such a move.

“It’s gonna rain, let’s not box. Actually, do box. My last experience didn’t go well in the rain. It’s gonna rain and you are on the slicks, you should always box,” he said.

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What happenend at the Russian Grand Prix?

The Russian Grand Prix’s final laps were excruciating to watch, especially for Norris fans. Against fellow British world champion Lewis Hamilton, Norris defended like a champion.

But, most importantly, it appeared that the heavens were ready to open up. As a result, Mercedes and McLaren both required their drivers to pit.

Hamilton made a mistake once, but on the next lap, he trusted his team’s decision and followed through.

Meanwhile, Norris was worried that if the rain stopped after he switched to intermediate tires. He might lose his advantage to Hamilton or anyone behind him. Reasonable cause for concern.

And it was that dread that kept him on the track for another lap, which turned out to be the worst decision he could have taken.

The circuit was ruined by rain, and the combination of a wet track and slick tires is almost as if you’re walking barefoot on ice.

Norris took more than three minutes to complete his lap on the slicks and return to the pits. He was P7 by the time he returned to the track.

Overall, regardless of who won the race, it was an absolutely amazing finale to the weekend at Sochi, a circuit that has been chastised for its lack of activity. Rains came to the rescue this time, and they did so in spectacular form.

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