Lawrence Stroll’s Aston Martin ‘scammers’ called out after organisation lies to customer’s credit card company ahead of refund

Lawrence Stroll’s Aston Martin merchandise department has caught the scorn of a number of customers across the globe, with orders placed in March yet to reach customers. On top of this, when customers have tried to get a refund, the Aston Martin store has claimed to credit card companies that they have already delivered the orders.

While delays in shipping do tend to happen from time to time owing to several moving pieces being involved, the stores are usually more honest in their dealings with respect to offering an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Lawrence Stroll. Credit:
Lawrence Stroll. Credit:

However, the store has not followed its ETA and caught backlash from one highly disgruntled fan, who dubbed the entire Aston Martin organisation ‘one big scam’.

In a post that went viral on Reddit, a customer spoke about his experience after ordering from the Aston Martin store, claiming that he wasn’t even offered an ETA.

This is not the first time a Formula One store has failed to meet expectations. Lewis Hamilton’s merchandise store, Plus 44, also received similar backlash from disgruntled fans after their orders which were supposed to arrive ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix didn’t reach them till mid-December.

Fans were left even more frustrated about the fact that two British logistics teams couldn’t get such basic things done.

“The AM store is just a f**king scam,” the user said on Reddit.

He further explained how his refund also fell through and how it complicated matters for him with his credit card company.

“I did a chargeback, and they told my credit card company that my order was delivered – which was an obvious lie. I then had to call and spend time proving to my credit card company that it had never even left the Aston Martin warehouse.” 

He wasn’t done just yet.

“The place is god damn scammers, Don’t EVER f**king order from the AM store,” he said.

This drew another fan to chime in with a similar experience.

“I ordered in June, shipped beginning of Sept, last tracking I had was a couple days after leaving the country, didn’t get a refund until the end of Nov.”

One comment that caught everyone’s attention was when a user did a little word play to explain the entire situation. “Really putting the ‘AM’ in ‘scam’,” the comment read. 

Another user explained how purchsing some Fernando Alonso apparel also ended up becoming a dreadful experience back from his days of racing at Alpine.

“Alonso merch is cursed. I ordered a shirt of his last year, Alpine sent me an Ocon one and when I attempted to get a refund, they wanted me to return it at my own expense. I just binned it.”

Aston Martin issues apology

A member of the Aston Martin Media and Communications department got in touch with SportItNow to confirm that while there had been some issues with isolated cases, the e-commerce store remains intent to honour its orders.

“The Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team is aware of some isolated cases regarding delays to orders within our e-commerce store,” the Aston Martin statement read.

“We have been working tirelessly with our licensee’s customer service team to help expedite and resolve any issues. As previously announced, the team is looking forward to launching a newly operated Store in February with ‘stichd’ offering our exclusive 2024 collections.”

Customer service remains of utmost importance to Aston Martin.

“Fans are at the forefront of what we do as we continue our journey together in Formula One, and we take all customer feedback very seriously,” the statement said.

“We encourage customers with enquiries to contact the sites customer service team or via us directly through the website –, follow the Contact Us page and select E-Commerce where a member of the team will support.”

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