Lawrence Stroll makes early attempt to win Fernando Alonso favour by gifting driver luxury car

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has now officially joined Aston Martin after deciding against renewing his contract at Alpine beyond 2022.

The Spanish driver put in a decent shift for Alpine and showed once again that he still has what it takes to compete in F1.

Had it not have been for some reliability problems and a dodgy water pump in his car, Alonso’s points tally could have been far better in 2022.

Given Alonso’s pedigree in the sport as well as Aston Martin’s need to replace Sebastian Vettel with a driver worth his salt, it is imperative for the Lawrence Stroll-led team to ensure that they keep their new man happy.

It appears like they have done just that by presenting Alonso with a special James Bond-themed car to start the new year off with. Aston Martin is one of the most iconic names in the auto industry, and the famous name behind the rides of James Bond.

The new car presented to the newly-appointed driver stood outside the Fernando Alonso Sports Complex and is a brand new Aston Martin DBX, the flagship SUV of the British company.

Alonso will undoubtedly see this as a nice gesture by Aston Martin, with this becoming something of a tradition at the team.

Previously, Vettel was also offered the same car by Lawrence Stroll in 2021.

After the picture went viral on social media, fans were quick to pour in with comments on the DBX and whether it suited Alonso.

On Reddit, fans one user said, “Fernando has got to experience many luxury road cars thanks to his switching F1 teams a lot.” 

However, it wasn’t to everyone’s taste, with another user quick to comment: “That thing looks ugly AF.”

Another user was keen to see Alonso drive in the car and pull off some James Bond-esque theatrics.

“We deserve, no, need some Bond-themed promo shots from Nando,” the user said.

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