Lawyer confident Abu Dhabi result could be overturned – “Mercedes has a legitimate case”

A top lawyer is confident that the controversial Abu Dhabi result could be changed, stating that Mercedes have to fight for justice.

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were hard done by the FIA in Abu Dhabi. Having led most of the race and expected a double title win, they lost the Drivers’ Championship on the last lap thanks to the authorities.

The stewards refused to consider their protests, meaning they have to go to court. A top lawyer is confident that the Abu Dhabi result could be changed, and urged Mercedes to go all-in on the appeal.

Duncan Bagshaw, partner at Howard Kennedy, weighed in on the issue. As quoted by, he said, “There was a challenge to the FIA last night which was resolved very quickly.

“The FIA, marking its own homework, perhaps unsurprisingly said that they stood by the decision of the race director Michael Masi.

“Mercedes do have a case and I think it is quite likely they will take it to a court of arbitration because so much turns on the outcome of these races they may feel they really have no choice.

“This decision was by the race director himself applying a rule under the regulations which is, I would say, very clear and quite explicit about what has to happen in this situation.”

Mercedes did not like this result. Source:

All in their hands

“Everybody wanted to see that race finish in racing conditions, but the rule makes it very clear that any cars that have been lapped by the leader have to be allowed to pass the leading cars and the safety car before the race is restarted and he did not allow that to happen,” he explained.

“It’s very important for Mercedes to give the message that racing is the most important thing to this sport and that they respect the outcome of the race on the track. But they must also accept the fact that commercially, this is a sport that revolves around money.

“They have obligations to Lewis Hamilton, their team, their sponsors and many other people, it may be not so much they want to challenge this decision, that they want this season to be decided before a committee of arbitrators but simply that they don’t have any choice,” he concluded.

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