Charles Leclerc has said that his battle with Lando Norris is as intense as the Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry.

There are multiple rivalries on the F1 grid this season. The most prominent one is obviously Lewis Hamilton versus Max Verstappen. However, there are some more on the grid that aren’t celebrated the same way. One of them is the quiet but significant Leclerc vs Norris rivalry.

The rivalry is an interesting and tight one, with the gripping midfield battle between Ferrari and McLaren being projected to go down to the wire. Leclerc said that his battle with Norris is intense, as much as the Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry.

As quoted by the Race, Leclerc said, “They are fighting for the championship as we are fighting for our positions which are not the top ones in the championship.

Charles Leclerc vs Lando Norris, direct lap time comparison | 2021 Bahrain  GP
Leclerc (red) and Norris (orange) are also involved in a rivalry this season. Source:

“We also don’t give much margin whenever I’ve got Lando or one of the McLarens with me. It’s the same for them fighting for the championship, if not even more.”


Leclerc was also quizzed on the Hamilton-Verstappen duopoly this season. He was asked for his thoughts on the two drivers, and which one of them he enjoyed racing with more. The Ferrari driver has raced both of them in the past, and gave an objective answer based on their driving styles.

“Max is a bit more on the aggressive side, Lewis a bit more on the clean side. It’s nice to be fighting with both of them,” Leclerc said.

“I enjoy racing with both, and if anything, I quite like fighting with Max because it’s always really on the limit,” he concluded.

Leclerc may not be seeing Hamilton much at the Russian GP, given how he will be starting from the back of the grid. However, Verstappen will be there with him, as the Dutchman is also serving the same penalty. We could see a Leclerc-Verstappen duel, and it could be fireworks at Sochi.

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