Leclerc talks about driver salary cap – “I don’t agree with it”

Charles Leclerc has talked about a potential driver salary cap, saying his stance regarding it is in the negative.

There are talks of a driver salary cap being implemented in F1 in the future. This will see a maximum limit for driver salaries, and it cannot cross that threshold at all.

Earlier, Leclerc had refused to give his thoughts on the proposal, and shied away from giving a definitive opinion. The Ferrari driver earns $12 million per annum, which makes him one of the highest-paid drivers in F1.

Recently, Leclerc talked about a potential driver salary cap, saying he is strongly against it.

“I don’t agree with the salary cap,” Leclerc said, as quoted by

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc at Imola 2021 -
Leclerc (pictured) is not a fan of the idea of a driver salary cap. Source:

“We’ll talk about that with the FIA and with the people that are here to take those decisions.”

Money matters

Leclerc also talked about another idea that has been panned as a cash grab by fans – the sprint qualifying format.

“About the sprint race, I think they are a good idea, at least trying them, then we’ll see if they work or not when we will have tried them,” Leclerc continued.

“For me the most important thing about that is not to devalue the race on Sunday. And with the sprint race, the race on Sunday is not devalued, and we also have another shorter race which could be exciting.”

Sprint races are set to take place on the Saturday of the race weekend. The order of the weekend will thus be Free Practice 1, qualifying (for sprint races), Free Practice 2, Sprint, and then the race on Sunday.

The results of the sprint race will determine the order of the race starts. It will replace the role of the qualifying session if the proposal goes through.

Points are available in the sprint itself. The top three finishers will score a few points that will add to their championship points.

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