Leclerc makes admission about Verstappen – “I used to hate Max”

Charles Leclerc has made an admission about Max Verstappen, saying he hated him when they were younger.

Rivalry is common in sports, and racing and motorsport is no exception, Beating your rival to the chequered flag is an achievement like nothing else. This season, we are seeing a Max Verstappen-Lewis Hamilton rivalry, which has lasted the entire season and will go down to the wire to the title. Leclerc also had one, although that one is in the past.

The common denominator in the two rivalries is Verstappen himself. The Dutchman was at one point on the bad side of Leclerc. The Ferrari driver said he wasn’t a big fan of young Verstappen. Leclerc made an admission about Verstappen, saying he hated him when they were younger.

In an exclusive interview with, Leclerc said, “To be honest, I’m not allergic to Hamilton or Verstappen though. I can deal with both of them just fine.

Leclerc: 'Hated Verstappen when we were younger'
Leclerc (pictured) says he hated Verstappen when he was younger. Source:

“I disliked Max when we were younger, and we fought each other in karts or little single-seaters, while Lewis was driving F1 by then. Now they’re just two drivers I’d like to overtake with my own car.”

Verstappen is fierce, but respectful

This is a new revelation, given everyone thinks Leclerc and Verstappen are good friends. Leclerc mentioned that he would like overtaking Verstappen in his car. That hasn’t happened for a long time, to the chagrin of the drivers and the fans.

This season, however, sees Leclerc in his best-ever car, so maybe one weekend, it could happen. Currently, Leclerc and Ferrari have to fend off the challenge from McLaren, who are challenging them for P3 in the Constructors’ Championship.

The battle’s momentum is constantly swinging towards both teams with each passing weekend. Leclerc will need to use his pace and craft to make sure that by the end, it is Ferrari who clinches the proverbial bronze medal.

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