Leclerc fell ill after verbal dispute with Binotto where Ferrari principal sided with Sainz’ opinion

There was more to Charles Leclerc’s small medical incident at Monza last weekend than meets the eye and ear. The Monaco-born driver had told Ferrari over the radio during Friday practice, “I need to box. I cannot explain it here.”

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Leclerc went to the hospital for a brief visit but was quickly released, and he went on to complete the rest of the Italian GP weekend. Ferrari’s explanation that Leclerc was only feeling “slightly unwell” required more detail, according to the specialist portal, as reported by Grandpx.

Binotto dispute caused Leclerc illness

According to the publication, the 23-year- old’s illness was caused by “quite angry words” he had with his supervisor Mattia Binotto prior to the session. According to the report, even Leclerc’s well-known manager Nicolas Todt was forced to become involved.

The nausea and headaches, according to the rumour, were caused by “the tension and anger that had accumulated in the previous hours”.

According to the publication, Binotto sparked the angst by telling Leclerc that Ferrari would prioritize development input from colleague Carlos Sainz because the Spaniard’s comments is more dependable.

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“Ferrari is something unique,” Binotto is quoted as saying, according to

“The most important thing to understand is that this is a unique family, a unique phenomenon. I always tell my guys: it’s more important to be Ferrari than to win, because victories are just a consequence of being Ferrari.

“I cite the example of Gilles Villeneuve,” the Italian added.

“He was a fantastic driver who actually won very little. But his demeanour, his driving style, his passion had a huge impact.”

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