Norris combines 5 F1 rivals to create ‘unbeatable’ driver, gives bizarre excuse for picking Tsunoda over Leclerc

McLaren driver has admitted that he never had a real conversation with former F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen even though they spent over two years at rival teams.

It’s true that there’s a significant age gap between the two, with Lando just breaking into the sport in 2019 and Raikkonen well and truly in the back half of his by then.

Norris was and still is very much seen as a rising star, while it was no secret that Raikkonen was seeing out his last few seasons in the sport after losing his seat at Ferrari.

While Kimi finally hung up his boots in 2021, Norris admitted in a recent Youtube Q&A round that he never had a real conversation with ‘The Iceman’.

“I don’t think I ever said a word to him apart from a ‘you alright?’, like when you walk past someone you know but don’t really know,” Norris said.

While Kimi was a man of few words in front of the media, other drivers often spoke about how his personality was quite different away from the camera.

However, given how Kimi and Norris barely spoke, the young British driver admitted that the one thing he truly misses since the exit of Kimi was his media interactions.

“I miss watching Kimi. I miss his interviews and that side [of him]. But apart from that, no,” Norris said.

While Kimi was undeniably one of the most loved drivers on the circuit, Norris believes there are still many interesting personalities to keep fans gripped.

“There are plenty of other cool people in the world and we have an exciting grid,” he said.

Norris builds the ultimate F1 driver

Charles Leclerc. Credit:

Norris was then asked by a fan who his favourite drivers were. The McLaren man was quick to answer this by pointing towards a combination of five drivers.

He named the usual suspects but did omit the name of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who has taken the 2022 season by storm.

“I’ll go with present drivers, not past,” he said. 

“You’d have Lewis [Hamilton] in there, you’d have Max [Verstappen], I love Fernando [Alonso], a bit of Carlos [Sainz] and a bit of Yuki [Tsunoda].

“Yuki loves a bit of radio scream, so just for pure entertainment, I’d put Yuki in there.

“I missed Charles [Leclerc] out, I feel bad, but from those others I think [if] you put them together you’d have pretty much an unbeatable driver.”

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