Charles Leclerc has predicted that Lando Norris would be feeling “very, very guilty” after his Russian GP failure.

Norris built on from his pole position to lead much of the race. However, a disastrous decision to stay on slicks as rain poured proved very costly, as the McLaren driver slumped from first to seventh. It would have been his first F1 win had he pitted earlier, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The Ferrari driver could relate to Norris, as he himself was a victim of a bad call that saw him drop from P4 to a terrible P15. As a result, Leclerc predicted that Norris would be feeling “very, very guilty” after his Russian GP failure.

“I can imagine what he’s feeling because also he’s part of the decision process in those type of situations and he might feel very, very guilty,” Leclerc said, as quoted by RaceFans.

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Leclerc said he understood how Norris (pictured) must have felt after the Russian GP. Source:

“But he’s an amazing driver. I think he has shown it very often this season. He has had a very strong season and I’m sure he will he will learn from it. It’s just a matter of time before his first win. I don’t think he should feel so down after the race he has done.”


Leclerc then gave an explanation of what happened at Sochi right before he tumbled down the grid.

“It started to rain quite a bit at one point and we were very, very competitive in those conditions,” he said.

“The second and last sector, the third sector especially, was dry. So I think what we were losing in the first and second with a bit of rain, we were gaining in the last one, so I decided to stay out.

“Then there was one lap where I doubted it, but Carlos was just in front of me and was meant to stop that lap, so I couldn’t stop at the same time.

“And then the lap after, it was already too late. Then at that point, I knew my race was already compromised, so I tried to stay on slicks, hoping that the rain decreased, which didn’t happen.

“So I’m disappointed with a race like this because obviously, the first part was looking extremely good, some very, very good overtaking, some very good pace, and to finish 15th like this hurts,” he concluded.

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