Lewis Hamilton vents Max Verstappen feelings by becoming only driver to ‘abstain from voting’ at F1 event

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen seems to have hit something of a purple patch in the past couple of years.

The Dutchman’s talent was never in question, but with Red Bull also upping its game and Verstappen now having the experience of many seasons of toil in F1, he appears to be at the top of his game.

He comfortably marched to his second successive title in 2022 and in doing so, broke the record for most wins in a season (15).

Following the completion of the season, drivers were asked to vote for their ‘Driver of the Year’.

Verstappen clearly got the maximum number of votes and picked up yet another prestigious accolade.

It is important to consider that an athlete usually values recognition from his/ her peers greatly, especially since they are fully aware of exactly how easy they have made a complicated task look.

While Verstappen received appreciation from many drivers on the grid, his 2021 rival Lewis Hamilton reportedly ‘abstained from voting’.

He was the only driver not to cast his vote in an event held by F1 on an annual basis where all drivers are required to pick their top 10 competitors in the year.

The vote is completely anonymous to protect relationships on the circuit. The scoring in the voting works the same as a Grand Prix. If Perez puts Verstappen on 1, for example, he will be allotted 25 points. If he pins Yuki Tsunoda in second spot, he earns 18 points and so on.

While drivers are allowed to slot themselves in first position, it has been claimed that not all drivers choose to do so.

After the final count was made, Verstappen came out in first position, followed by Charles Lecerc.

Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes teammate George Russell shared third spot with equal points.

Lando Norris may not have enjoyed the best time on the track, but he was voted fifth. That makes sense given the fact that he was the only driver outside the top 3 teams to finish the season with a podium.

Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, came in just behind him in sixth position.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz took seventh spot, while Alex Albon and Sergio Perez were tied in eighth spot.

The report claims that Verstappen ended with 146 points, but it is unclear how many the other drivers got.

Hamilton had famously skipped the 2021 FIA event as well after the Abu Dhabi fiasco, and was later fined for his absence.

However, given that he didn’t finish among the top 3 of the drivers’ standings this year, his attendance was not mandatory.

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