Months after split with Lewis Hamilton, Angela Cullen drops Red Bull positive message to wind former partner up

With the F1 season coming to a close, focus once again shifted to the split between Mercedes driver and long-term personal assistant Angela Cullen.

Cullen and Hamilton are believed to still share a close bond and she is still a close confidante of the seven-time world champion.

Angela Cullen. Credit:
Angela Cullen. Credit:

However, she was in the news for reportedly entering a deal that involves rival team Red Bull.

Cullen joined forces with Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn to pay tribute via a special shout-out to Red Bull.

Max Verstappen enjoyed what is the most dominant season in the history of the sport as he claimed his third successive world championship with plenty of races to spare.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, however, was not as comfortable a race as Verstappen had become accustomed to over the course of the season and in that sense, it was a refreshing watch for fans.

Until the final laps, it was not certain whether Verstappen will win the race, with both Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez in the running to get top honours.

Given Liberty Media’s push to stage three races in the United States, it was obvious that the races would become showpiece events, with many celebrities making their way to witness the best racers on the planet.

Lindsey Vonn is known to be a devoted fan of F1 and was part of the audience present at Las Vegas.

Following the race, she took to Instagram to pay tribute to the growth of F1 in USA and also congratulated Red Bull for notching a double podium.

This was swiftly met with a vote of approval from Angela Cullen.

Vonn captioned the post, saying, “For me, it’s all about the speed! 🏎️💨. Just a little background that you might not know. I’ve been a big fan of this sport for over 12 years. Around the time a young driver named Sebastian Vettel won his first championship. To see this race in Vegas and how much the sport has grown is truly incredible. Congratulations @f1 and everyone involved in making F1 in America as big as it should be! Congrats again @redbullracing on the double podium! Always impressive @maxverstappen1 @schecoperez.”

To this, Cullen replied saying, “Yess LV … 🔥🔥🔥.”

The Kiwi physical trainer has not posted all that much on Instagram herself ever since her split with Hamilton was made public earlier this season.

While Hamilton’s split with Cullen didn’t result in any change of fortunes following last year’s winless run, it appears like his trainer has finally moved on from the episode and may potentially be open to offers from other teams in the sport.

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