Lewis Hamilton caught red-handed making unsolicited trip into rival team’s garage before Monaco FP1

While he was still plying his trade in the sport, Sebastian Vettel made quite a reputation for himself as one of the most passionate F1 drivers going around.

He often spent considerable time checking out his opponents’ cars from up close, which gave him the nickname ‘Inspector Seb’.

Following his retirement at the end of the 2022 season, it now appears like Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has taken a liking to this habit as he was seen doing the same in Monaco.

A vast number of pictures emerged on social media which showed how Hamilton was analysing opposition cars, especially the Aston Martin AMR23, with great interest.

This was posted on Twitter immediately as fans starting to chime in their view.

Following this picture, another fan said that this has become a regular habit of Lewis and he has done so ever since Seb left the sport.

Another Twitter user was quick to point out that Fernando Alonso’s mechanic had also caught Hamilton trying to get a quick peek of their car.

There was plenty of comedy too, with one fan saying that Hamilton was having a look at the garage of Aston Martin’s best driver, Lance Stroll.

One fan felt it was right for Hamilton to take over this role as he was simply fulfilling Vettel’s legacy.

Meanwhile, there was enough banter on show as well as a fan said that while Ferrari may be mooted as Hamilton’s next team, the British driver himself seemed far more interested in Aston Martin.

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding Hamilton’s future and while the driver himself has insisted he is keen on extending his Mercedes tenure, some feel that he is using Ferrari as a ploy for better negotiation terms.

Meanwhile, Alonso couldn’t resist taking a swipe at his old rival, claiming that Hamilton’s own “win together, lose together” mantra would now be pushed to the limit as leaving Mercedes would be an ironic thing to do during tough times.

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