Lewis Hamilton once made eerie ‘hot F1 woman’ desire while dating Nicole Scherzinger; Couple soon split

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is one of the most outspoken personalities on the F1 grid and has taken a central stage when it comes to wider representation and equal opportunity in the sport.

For all his critics, if there is one thing that Hamilton has always done is deliver a strong message about a number of social injustices in the society.

Hamilton has also taken a central sport in promoting greater diversity in the sport and has opened an initiative in conjunction with the governing body of the sport to pave the way for more drivers from different walks of life.

Even when it comes to female drivers, of which F1 has seen very few in its storied history, Hamilton is quick to acknowledge the success of those in other racing series.

Lewis is known to be a long-term admirer of champions like Jamie Chadwick, for example.

However, Hamilton’s message is not always easy for fans to interpret and it is fair to say that he also gets misrepresented many times in the media owing to the controversial stance he seems to take ever so often.

When Hamilton was involved in an interview around 12 years ago regarding the future of women in F1, Lewis perhaps didn’t come up with the most media-friendly answer.

“I think all the drivers are probably dying to see a hot F1 driver to come,” he said.

“A female F1, yeah you know? Because there is something to chase and it should be fun.”

At the time, Hamilton was dating Nicole Scherzinger.

“My girlfriend wants to be a driver, but I tell her to stay away,” he said.

He did cover up his tracks by claiming that he was happy to see a growing interest among women to compete at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Hamilton does indeed have a history of saying rather strange things during interviews.

Another time, for example, he claimed that he wanted to start a family on a different planet.

This interview took place in 2016, where Hamilton discussed the prospect of starting a family on a different planet.

In the interview, Hamilton was sharing his experience of being an F1 driver that involves going ‘faster than the speed of light’, and with this metaphor, Hamilton got carried away by the wonders of space.

“I’d love to go to space. I just watched The Martian. I really want to go to Mars. But it’s not a return trip. Well, no,” he said.

“I was thinking I could take a hot chick with me and we could just start a family up there.”

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