Lewis Hamilton crashes into centre barrier while attempting party trick at Las Vegas GP launch event

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was forced to field a sheepish look on his face after getting a doughnut attempt wrong at the launch party ahead of the Las Vegas race.

The Mercedes car being driven by Hamilton was equipped with a blue neon light to help improve visibility as the event was taking place at night.

Clearly the darkness did not help the seven-time world champion though, as he got his party trick absolutely wrong and crashed into the centre barrier as a result.

While there wasn’t any visible damage to his Mercedes, fans were left gasping as they saw the replay on the big screen.

David Croft, who was co-hosting the launch party with Naomi Schiff, summed up what was on everyone’s mind.

“Oh,” he said.

“[Hamilton] just ran out of turning circle.”

Hamilton was then asked about the incident and he agreed that he was on the verge of a serious crash.

“I nearly crashed yeah,” Hamilton said.

“There was so much smoke, and I had no idea where I was. I was completely lost.

“I couldn’t figure out the buildings so I started pulling out and then the barrier [was there].”

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place between November 16-18.

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