Lewis Hamilton says McLaren mechanics used fuel hack to ensure Fernando Alonso was driving faster than him

Lewis Hamilton enjoyed one of the most spectacular rookie seasons in the history of F1, ending just one point behind eventual leader Kimi Raikkonen in 2007.

However, with Hamilton’s McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso the reigning champion, the team often looked to favour him. While they were aware of Hamilton’s talent at the time of signing him, they were still left surprised at just how quickly he acclimatised.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Credit: autosport.com
Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Credit: autosport.com

Hamilton has discussed one trick that the engineers used to play to aid Alonso against him. Speaking with BBC (as reported on X by Ali), Hamilton said that the engineers would fill his car with more fuel to make it heavier. This was done to ensure that the speeds of both cars would not match and hence they would not collide on the track.

Alonso was still the one prioritised to get a lighter and faster car. But, that changed after the Canadian Grand Prix when Hamilton defied expectations and ended up with his first-ever F1 win.

This only proved to McLaren that Hamilton could go toe-to-toe with Alonso and if he was able to beat him with a slower car, there was no doubt his first win could have come even earlier in the season.

They continued to clash over the course of the season and ended the season level on points and one behind Kimi Raikkonen.

Are Hamilton and Alonso still rivals?

The careers of both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have gone in opposite directions since then.

Hamilton’s time at Mercedes, where he has won six world championships, has etched his name in the record books.

Alonso, meanwhile, has not always had things go his way and had to wait a significant period before tasting podium success over the last season at Aston Martin.

They still have a great deal of respect for each other, even if the duo didn’t always see eye-to-eye during their days as McLaren teammates. With both drivers knowing that they are in the twilight of their careers, they have often been cordial and appreciative of each other in front of the media, with Hamilton even saying that Alonso has been his greatest rival over the years.

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