Lewis Hamilton dismisses Shakira lucky charm, attributes success to ‘spicy’ item from London

There were many rumours linking Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton with the iconic Shakira a few months ago as the duo were repeatedly spotted together by fans.

It just so happened that Hamilton would tend to bring his ‘A game’ whenever Shakira was present at race venues and this made some fans feel that she was his lucky charm.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton. Credit: people.com
Shakira and Lewis Hamilton. Credit: people.com

However, Hamilton has poured cold water over this speculation, instead claiming that his motivation comes from a different source.

The entire Hamilton-Shakira rumour began when the duo were seen on a yacht together ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

They caught fuel when they were once again seen at the Spanish Grand Prix and then later at the British Grand Prix.

The Sun even went as far as claiming that hamilton took Shakira out on a date to a nightclub following the completion of the British Grand Prix, with both reportedly getting ‘very friendly’ as they danced together.

Hamilton fixated on new ‘spicy’ item

However, Hamilton believes that it is not Shakira, rather an Indian spicy food item that has proved to be the lucky charm for both him and Mercedes this term.

“I love Indian food. So my team tries to find an Indian restaurant in every country we go to,” Hamilton said.

“The garlic and everything has a bit of a smell, but they think it brings us luck.

“They went for curry before the Spanish Grand Prix and we got second place“.

Weird as it sounds, Hamilton attributed his team’s change in fortunes to a curry that they have been enjoying with regularity.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton. Credit: thesportsrush.com
Shakira and Lewis Hamilton. Credit: thesportsrush.com

It is not just Indian food, though, as Hamilton has said that a vegan diet from a restaurant called ‘Neat Burger’, located in London, Dubai or New York is amongst his favourites.

He loves indulging in vegan chicken nuggets at this food haven whenever he gets the opportunity.

Given that Shakira is seen far less around Hamilton these days and also the fact that the driver himself has attributed his success to something so far outside the box, it is fair to say that rumours linking them together have begun to die down.

Dominican psychic Nino Prodigio also explained why the relationship between Hamilton and Shakira was never destined to work out even if there were some early sparks between the duo.

“I’m going to be honest,” Prodigio said.

“This man is looking for a child. I don’t know if Shakira is into it.

“There’s something nice between them as a friendship.

“I don’t see much in the future“.

While Hamilton is yet to have a child, Shakira has two children from her previous relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

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