Lewis Hamilton found guilty of breaching rules after crash as Mercedes hit with FIA fine

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been found guilty of speeding in the pit lane before he eventually crashed out during the Monaco Grand Prix FP3.

Having won the Monaco Grand Prix on three occasions, Hamilton may have hoped for better times in the principality, that too with an upgraded W14.

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: motorsport.com
Lewis Hamilton. Credit: motorsport.com

However, his crash meant that he lost the rear of his upgraded car at Mirabeau as the front left got stuck under the barrier.

Although there was concern initially about the extent of damage sustained on his W14, it has been reported that apart from the problem with the rear, there is no additional harm on the car.

After it was recovered by marshals, Mercedes will soon have the car back and it will be serviceable to feature by the time qualifying begins on Saturday.

What would only add to the frustration of his team was the fact that Hamilton also got charged with a €600 fine from stewards for speeding in the pit lane.

It was a rookie mistake and perhaps spoke more about his general frustration in the sport as the seven-time world champion was recorded driving at 65.6 kph (40.7mph), while the limit for this weekend had already been set at 60kph (37.2mph).

Mercedes also had to contend with George Russell’s speeding ticket on Friday, when the youngster was fined €100 fine for going 0.2kph over the limit.

In his defence, Hamilton was not the only driver who got penalised for speeding on Saturday, with Zhou Guanyu clocked going over the limit four times, picking up €800 in total for Alfa Romeo. Logan Sargeant of Williams, meanwhile, was seen speeding on two occasions and it means a €300 fine for Williams.

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