Hamilton shares heartfelt message with fans after disappointing Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has conveyed an emotional message to his fans after the disappointment of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix where he was only able to end P10.

The Stevenage-born driver spoke about his mental health in recent times in a heartfelt message on social media.

“It’s been such a tough year already with everything that is happening around us,” Hamilton wrote.

“Hard some days to stay positive. I have struggled mentally and emotionally for a long time, to keep going is a constant effort but we have to keep fighting, we have so much to do and to achieve.

“I’m writing to let you know it’s ok to feel the way you do, just know that you are not alone and we are going to get through this! A friend reminded me today, you are so powerful and you can do anything you put your mind to.

“We can do anything we put our mind to. Let’s remember to live in gratitude for another day to rise. Sending you love and light

Hamilton had posted a similar message last year

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: express.co.uk

Last year in the summer Hamilton had posted a similar message.

“If there’s anybody out there struggling right now, I just want you to know you are not alone. I am too having a hard time but I know we are going to get through this,” he had said.

“You have so much potential in you that you may not even be aware of. You have so much to give to the world. You are special and unique, there is nobody like you, no matter what anybody says.

“Be bold, be strong, be you, you are beautiful in every way, let’s be great together. Hope our paths cross someday, in this life or the next. I’m sending you love and light and positivity for your weekend.

The Formula One season now heads to Albert Park, which will play host to the Australian Grand Prix.

Mercedes has a lot of work to do if it wants to bridge the gap between itself and early table toppers Ferrari.

Read Bull, meanwhile, is expected to come out with an update to its car which will give Max Verstappen a huge boost as far as his championship quest is concerned.

Do you think Hamilton will be given the right resources to challenge for an eighth drivers’ title? Let us know in the comments.

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