Lewis Hamilton ignores Max Verstappen in cool down room following Austrian GP podium finish

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton reportedly blanked Red Bull’s Max Verstappen when the drivers entered the cool down room following the Austrian Grand Prix.

The post-race room often sees drivers chat with each other as they are stipulated to weigh themselves following a race.

While it may be frustrating for some given the hours of physical energy they put into races, it is common for them to share a couple of jokes or indulge in playful banter.

Verstappen had finished the race in second spot and was already seated in the room.

Hamilton, meanwhile, had rounded off the podium and just entered the room.

Without even sharing a pleasantry with Verstappen, Hamilton placed his helmet nearby, weighed himself and then left the room. He did not even look in the direction of Verstappen.

Why is friction growing again?

Lewis Hamilton's W13. Credit: autosport.com
Lewis Hamilton’s W13. Credit: autosport.com

While Hamilton is barely in contention for the world championship this season, their rivalry from 2021 was a big talking point among all F1 fans.

This has got somewhat rekindled in recent weeks, especially after their home fans were seen booing the other driver following crashes (in Hamilton’s case) or spins (Verstappen at Silverstone).

In what was dubbed as a clear dig aimed at Verstappen, Hamilton had praised Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for being “sensible” during the British Grand Prix.

Verstappen was clearly not one to hold back and said, “I think it’s great that, when you’re 37 years old, at some point you understand how to get to an apex.” 

While Hamilton and Verstappen may not have spoken during the cool down room, there still was some chatter between Max and Leclerc.

Speaking about Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz’ misfortune during the race, Verstappen asked Leclerc, “Did you see the fire?”

Leclerc: “Yes.”

Verstappen: “You guys were fast today.”

Leclerc: “I know.”

Sensibly done.

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