The first incident of the weekend has already occurred at the Russian Grand Prix. Instead of taking place on the track, the incident took place in the Mercedes garage, as Lewis Hamilton entered the pits and knocked out one of his crew members.

The Knight entered the pits while speeding around Sochi, attempting to establish the fastest lap of the session. Instead of coming to a complete stop, Hamilton collided with the crew member in front of him.

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Mercedes crew member is knocked out

Hamilton had already completed some circuits around the Russian track during the second practice session of the day. Lewis returned to the pits shortly after to re-group with his Mercedes teammates.

Hamilton, on the other hand, had failed to switch off the “magic brake” and had instead hit the front jack holder.

The seven-time world champion was worried about him, but the Mercedes crew member was thankfully not gravely hurt. Hamilton is relieved that no one on his squad was hurt in the event, and he vows to be more cautious next time.

In Formula One, the majority of the incidents occur on the track. However, there have been a few frightening incidents in which crew members have been injured in the pits.

Lance Stroll, who was driving the Racing Point car at the time, came into the pits at the Imola Grand Prix last season. The Canadian motorist had failed to come to a complete stop and collided into the front jack holder.

After being knocked oiut, the crew member was quickly lifted up by individuals nearby and continued to assist his team in the pits.

Because of the awful tragedies that have occurred in the pits, drivers will strive to be more cautious in the pits and not hurt any of their crew members.

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