Lewis Hamilton’s conscious habit of individually paying entire bill began due to Nico Rosberg friction

Lewis Hamilton recently paid the bill at a gathering of 20 F1 drivers to celebrate the career of Sebastian Vettel ahead of his final race.

While the exact amount of the bill is not known, it is fair to say that when such handsomely paid personalities get together, it’s unlikely the location will be anything but breathtaking.

While Hamilton settling the tab may be seen as a novel gesture towards his friend Sebastian Vettel, the history of settling dues at similar events dates to several years ago.

The story finds its roots during Nico Rosberg’s final season in the sport, one where he managed to beat Hamilton to claim his maiden world championship.

There was plenty of animosity between the drivers as a tight championship battle had led to their competitive juices pumping.

Ahead of the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix, all drivers barring Kimi Raikkonen (which admittedly was the party itself), Jolyon Palmer, Kevin Magnussen and Rio Haryanto, went out for a meal in Shanghai.

When the bill arrived, Rosberg suggested that all 18 members should split the bill equally.

Hamilton did not like the suggestion one bit. He was the one who had picked the restaurant ‘The Kitchen’ and had also laid down a deposit for the meal.

The Stevenage-born driver was keen to pay the entire amount himself, but Rosberg did not agree with this.

When Rosberg suggested an equal split, Hamilton felt it was “a little bit silly and ridiculous”.

“It probably wasn’t really that expensive. I did say: Why don’t I get it now, or two of us get it now, and then the next time someone else gets it? And they are like: No, no, no. I want to pay individually,” Hamilton said.

F1 drivers get paid extremely well and it was in a way strange for Hamilton to see 18 credit cards out on the table after the meal with different receipts.

On being asked who he felt made the suggestion, Hamilton said, “I’m pretty sure it was Nico.”

Not one to back down, Rosberg narrated the story from his point of view.

“From what I can remember, the hidden agreement is usually that the world champion pays, but that might just be my opinion,” Rosberg said.

Clearly, the two saw the entire event very differently or at least wore a poker face in front of the media.

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