How much was the bill at Sebastian Vettel’s farewell party and why did Lewis Hamilton pay for it?

It is rare for all 20 F1 drivers to come together for an event that is not hosted by the sport’s governing body nor has any media element to it.

However, all the drivers collected together for soon-to-retire Sebastian Vettel’s farewell dinner party ahead of his final race in F1.

The illustrious career of the German driver includes four successive world championships and 53 Grand Prix victories. He has also scored 122 podiums across his distinguished career with Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Vettel, who also acts as the director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, is one of the most liked members on the circuit.

His days of challenging for top honours may well be behind him in F1, but he still has the respect of pretty much every other driver on the circuit.

Following the event, drivers were quick to congratulate Vettel and wish him well going forward.

“We’ve come a long way as drivers and continue to grow as men,” Hamilton wrote on Instagram.

“Despite whatever may happen on the track we grow and become better each day.

“Us all coming together to celebrate life and Seb’s amazing career in F1 is truly a night I’ll never forget.”

GDPS chairman and former racer Alex Wurz confirmed that the event was hosted by Lewis Hamilton.

“Thanks Lewis Hamilton to initiate, and thanks all GPDA members to turn up to show respect to one of the greatest, to one of our directors, and ultimately to our sport [which Sebastian Vettel loves so much],” Wurz wrote on Instagram.

While there had been some rumours that suggested that the bill was allegedly £140,000, this has now been confirmed as fake, with the poster of the picture declaring it as “a joke”.

However, there is no doubt that it would have been a significant amount and the gesture would undoubtedly have been appreciated by Vettel.

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