Lewis Hamilton set to pay ultimate tribute to Ayrton Senna with special helmet for Brazilian GP

Lewis Hamilton has paid tribute to Ayrton Senna with a special helmet for the Brazilian GP.

The legendary Senna was Brazil’s racing hero, and a hero to the current generation of F1 drivers. He is one of the greatest drivers of all time, and has cemented his place in F1 history.

F1 will be racing in Brazil this weekend, and Senna’s name will echo as one of the highlights of the race. There will be many references to the legend, and one of them has come from a fellow champion.

Hamilton paid tribute to Senna with a special helmet for the Brazilian GP, with this one being the latest of many tributes to him.

The helmet will carry Senna’s iconic yellow, green and blue colour scheme. The Senna colours will not be the only highlight, as Hamilton has replaced his ‘still I rise’ phrase at the back of the helmet with a more inclusive ‘still we rise’.

The Senna-inspired helmet. Source: Mercedes

Hero worship

Hamilton also penned a special message for the three-time world champion on Instagram, and revealed his everlasting admiration and love for the late driver.

He posted a painting of himself and Senna that shows himself and Senna walking side by side down the pit straight in Brazil.

As quoted by Racingnews365.com, he captioned it, “My greatest inspiration. It was the way he raced, his passion for life and for the sport. But more than anything it was the way he faced alone a system that wasn’t always kind to him.

“May Aryton Senna’s legacy live on forever, especially vibrant this weekend.”

Hamilton’s admiration for Senna is well-known, with the British Knight revealing on various occasions that watching Senna consumed his childhood. He was a hero to the young Hamilton, and made him want to pursue racing and F1.

His dream of racing paid off, and back in 2017, things came full circle when Hamilton was given a replica helmet by the Senna family after he matched his 65 pole positions in F1.

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