Lewis Hamilton hands over pictures of Red Bull floor design to Mercedes staff to help knock leaders off perch

There was plenty of controversy taking place at the Monaco Grand Prix, with the dominant RB19’s underbody getting revealed in front of the paddock.

This happened as a result of Sergio Perez’s car crashing and a crane operator being required to pull it up as part of the recovery operation.

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: motorsport.com
Lewis Hamilton. Credit: motorsport.com

This allowed photographers and onlookers the opportunity to get a closer glimpse of the underbody of a car that has been so dominant in the early part of the season.

While Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton also suffered a similar fate, there was perhaps not as much enthusiasm to capture his car’s underbody.

However, Hamilton was among the photographers and onlookers who were trying to get as much of an idea about Red Bull’s car as possible.

Rivals in F1 often rely heavily on such images and data points to ascertain how and why a car is able to perform the manner in which it is.

While the top and side of the car is visible throughout the race, little is usually known about its underbody and floor design.

Chequered Flag podcast host Rosanna Tennant discussed a conversation she had with Hamilton following the incident, as the seven-time world champion was keen to decipher all he could about the RB19.

Sergio Perez' car. Credit: skysports.com
Sergio Perez’ car. Credit: skysports.com

“Lewis Hamilton was joking with me that he’s saved the photos of the floor of the Red Bull on his phone, and he’ll looking at them very closely, zooming in,” she said

As far as Hamilton is concerned, Mercedes has also brought out an upgraded car.

The Spanish Grand Prix will be Mercedes’ first real test since the upgrade after the team made significant changes to its design, with both the sidepod profile and front suspension being altered.

Hamilton believes Spain will be the best place to assess the new changes and although he had the opportunity to use the new car in Monaco as well, he believes the tarmac at Catalonia will allow his car to flourish.

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