Producer Lewis Hamilton has personal agenda in Brad Pitt-led F1 movie ahead of final casting – “Been working on it through the winter”

It is a well-known fact that Brad pitt is currently working on a movie about F1, with the Hollywood actor even making things a little uncomfortable for Aston Martin’s staff after ‘overstaying his welcome’ last year.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is one of the producers of the movie and has now shared an update about the progress Pitt and the rest of the crew have made in the last few months.

Hamilton is acting as the producer and advisor to the movie through his company Dawn Apollo Films, with the movie set to be shot over the course of 2023 before being released next year.

Till now, very little information has been made public regarding the storyline of the movie or even the cast apart from established actor Brad Pitt.

Hamilton chose to whet the appetite of fans by disclosing some updates regarding what he believes will be a “revolutionary movie”.

“We’re going through a process right now of selecting the character that will be alongside Brad, which is exciting,” he said.

“Basically, we have recordings of them [potential actors] doing certain scenes and we go through.

“I’ve sat in the office with [other producer] Jerry [Bruckheimer], [director] Joe [Kosinski] and Brad and we’ve been watching them and kind of giving our inputs and what we think.”

Hamilton was cautious enough not to mention the potential actors that have or are being screened.

Hamilton wants diversity in Brad Pitt-starrer

Lewis Hamilton. Credit:
Lewis Hamilton. Credit:

Hamilton did, however, confess that as a producer, one of his major roles was to ensure that the cast is diverse.

Diversity is, of course, an element that Hamilton has championed for in the real world of motorsport in recent years.

“I think my responsibility is to make sure it is diverse,” Hamilton said.

“I want to make the movie, in terms of having diversity and representation, I want it to be as Formula 1 should be in the future or should be now but will be in the future.

“So I want to see female mechanics. I would love to see a female driver. We haven’t got to that point yet, but why not?

“We’ve got the script, we’ve gone through quite a few different iterations of it, we’re still waiting for a new rewrite and that’s the whole process. But I was doing that throughout Christmas.

“I’m excited to get to the next end of the script and I was talking to Brad last night about the characters that we have coming.”

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