Sebastian Vettel detail on Lewis Hamilton’s phone proves why duo’s bromance was never a publicity stunt

Recently-retired F1 driver Sebastian Vettel may have been one of the most friendly personalities on the circuit during his time in the sport, but his inner circle has always been reserved only for a few.

He is noted to be Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton’s close friend and it now appears like this relationship was not just for the cameras.

The two drivers were involved in many racing battles over the years, but they established one of the most famous F1 bromances in the second half of Vettel’s career.

Their bond is so good that Hamilton is the only driver on the circuit who has Vettel’s personal number, a fact that was revealed by Alonso during the German’s farewell party.

Vettel was understandably emotional on the night and it was perhaps indicative of just how much he distances himself from social media that he created an Instagram profile purely to make his farewell announcement.

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. Credit:
Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

The four-time world champion enjoyed spending his off-season completely disconnecting from everyone associated with F1 and despite racing alongside Alonso for a number of years, didn’t even exchange numbers with him.

This was revealed by Alonso’s former McLaren teammate Stoffel Vandoorne, who had asked the 42-year-old driver to give him Vettel’s phone number.

Alonso replied: “I don’t have that, only Lewis [Hamilton] has his number.”

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