Lewis Hamilton warms up to idea of reuniting with former teammate Fernando Alonso despite infamous rivalry

In the world of Formula 1, rivalries are common, and partnerships are rare. However, when it comes to Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, their story is a unique one.

Once teammates at McLaren over 15 years ago, their relationship has been marked by both fierce competition and strained camaraderie.

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: cnn.com
Lewis Hamilton. Credit: cnn.com

Now, as Hamilton’s Mercedes contract approaches its end, there is speculation about the possibility of a reunion between these two iconic drivers.

Here, we will explore the history of their partnership, the challenges they faced, and the likelihood of them teaming up again.

The McLaren Years

A Frosty Relationship

The year was 2007, and Lewis Hamilton was a rookie in Formula 1, paired with the seasoned veteran Fernando Alonso at McLaren.

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Credit: sportsmag.com
Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Credit: sportsmag.com

The dynamic between the two drivers was tense from the start. Alonso, a two-time world champion, saw Hamilton as a threat to his supremacy within the team.

This tension simmered beneath the surface, and it didn’t take long for it to boil over.

The Hungarian Grand Prix Incident

The Hungarian Grand Prix of that year proved to be a turning point in the Hamilton-Alonso relationship. In a now-infamous pit lane incident, tensions reached a boiling point.

Alonso, feeling slighted by the team’s preferential treatment towards Hamilton, retaliated by deliberately impeding his teammate during qualifying.

Fernando Alonso. Credit: motorsport.com
Fernando Alonso. Credit: motorsport.com

This move denied Hamilton a chance at pole position and further exacerbated their already strained relationship.

Racing Hard but Repairing Bonds

Despite their animosity, Hamilton and Alonso continued to race hard on the track. They pushed each other to the limit, showcasing their immense talent and competitive spirit.

As time went on, signs of a potential reconciliation began to emerge. Both drivers realized the importance of repairing their damaged relationship and focusing on their professional goals.

Unlikely Reunion?

The Number One Driver Mindset

One of the main reasons why a reunion between Hamilton and Alonso seems unlikely is their shared mindset as number one drivers.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. Credit: autocar.com
Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. Credit: autocar.com

Both drivers have experienced the taste of success and are accustomed to being the focal point of their respective teams. It is challenging to imagine them willingly compromising their status as the lead driver in a partnership.

Hamilton’s Future with Mercedes

With Hamilton’s Mercedes contract set to expire at the end of 2023, speculation about his next move is rife.

Many believe that he will either renew his contract with Mercedes or seek a new challenge elsewhere.

The possibility of joining forces with Alonso at Aston Martin, where Lance Stroll’s performance is under scrutiny, has caught the attention of the F1 world.

However, it remains to be seen whether Hamilton is willing to take that leap.

Hamilton’s Tease and Alonso’s Stance

In a recent interview with DAZN, Hamilton teased the idea of teaming up with Alonso again “if the stars align”.

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: thesportishere.com
Lewis Hamilton. Credit: thesportishere.com

“If the stars align yes, I would share a team again with Fernando Alonso,” Hamilton said.

However, the seven-time world champion didn’t want to fuel speculation too much and quickly added: “But I don’t think it will happen.”

Alonso, meanwhile, has been more reserved in his comments.

“He always says that he wins together and loses together with the team. So now that he doesn’t win, he just has to stay,” Alonso said regarding Hamilton’s contract situation.

The Future of Hamilton and Alonso

While a reunion between Hamilton and Alonso may be unlikely, fans can still look forward to intense on-track battles between these two titans of Formula 1.

Both drivers possess immense skill and determination, and their encounters on the race track are always thrilling to watch. Whether it’s fighting for a podium finish or battling for championship points, Hamilton and Alonso never fail to deliver excitement.

Pursuing Different Paths

Fernando Alonso poses with Lewis Hamilton and his signed cap. Credit: express.co.uk
Fernando Alonso poses with Lewis Hamilton and his signed cap. Credit: express.co.uk

As their careers progress, Hamilton and Alonso are likely to pursue different paths. Hamilton, already a seven-time world champion, has cemented his status as one of the greatest drivers in F1 history.

He may choose to continue his journey with Mercedes, aiming to break more records and extend his legacy.

Alonso, on the other hand, made a comeback to Formula 1 in 2021 with Alpine after a brief hiatus. He is determined to prove that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level.


The story of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso is one of rivalry, respect, and the enduring spirit of competition. While their partnership as teammates may have been turbulent, it is a testament to their talent and dedication to the sport.

As Hamilton’s future in Formula 1 hangs in the balance, the possibility of a reunion with Alonso remains a tantalizing prospect.

However, whether or not it comes to fruition, one thing is certain – the legacies of Hamilton and Alonso will forever be intertwined in the annals of Formula 1 history.

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