Lewis Hamilton torn between two realistic options in assessment of post-F1 career – “It would be so wicked”

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has been one of the stars of F1 for a while, but he may be facing his biggest question away from the track.

The Mercedes driver is an avid movie buff and has made a foray into the Hollywood industry in the past despite his occupation being in the world of motorsport. This has led to him turning down a role in Top Gun: Maverick previously, but with his F1 career in its twilight, the 39-year-old will be keen to chalk out his plans for the future.

Lewis Hamilton with his bodyguard. Credit: msn.com
Lewis Hamilton with his bodyguard. Credit: msn.com

Apart from Hollywood, Hamilton also has great interest in potentially heading out into space, confessing his love for the unknown on more than one occasion.

Hamilton regularly spends the winter break completely away from racing, choosing to surf, skydive and party with some of the most illustrious celebrities going around. He is even rumoured to be dating Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Juliana Nalu.

He is currently involved as executive producer in Brad Pitt’s F1-themed movie that will soon be released, but Hamilton also harbours ambitions of acting himself, especially if it can be in the third instalment of his childhood favourite movie Top Gun.

The Stevenage-born driver has been informed that Top Gun’s third movie is also being planned and couldn’t help but control his excitement.

“Doing Top Gun on the fighter jets with Tom Cruise would be so wicked,” Hamilton said when he was asked whether he would like to act in a movie or go on a space adventure.

“I want to go to Mars, but no one’s there.”

Hamilton is believed to share a close relationship with SpaceX founder Elon Musk and while a trip to Mars seems a little wacky, it would not be surprising to see him venture outside the hemisphere if given the opportunity.

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