Lineker comments on video footage leak from Abu Dhabi – “This is absolutely sickening”

Sport broadcaster Gary Lineker commented on the shocking video footage from Abu Dhabi, saying the manipulation was clear from it. 

New footage has surfaced from the highly controversial Abu Dhabi GP that saw the championship being decided illegally. Fans had slammed it then, and now they will have more reason to do so. 

In the video. F1 Race Director Michael Masi appeared to have been manipulated by Red Bull’s Jonathan Wheatley. The Australian even used the same phrase Wheatley used in his message towards Mercedes’ Toto Wolff – the now infamous “motor racing”.

Lineker commented on the shocking video footage from Abu Dhabi, saying it was infuriating and a complete disgrace. 

“Obviously those lapped cars, you don’t need to let them go right the way around and catch up with the back of the pack, you need to let them go and then we’ve got a motor race on our hands,” Wheatley is heard as saying. 

To which, Masi responded, “Understood, just give us a sec.”

The comment under the video says, “This is shocking. New emerging footage of F1 Abu Dhabi GP containing previously unheard radio.

“Masi essentially executed the instructions of Jonathan Wheatley without any second thought over its legality or fairness. This should be sickening listening to any fan.”

Lineker responded to the video saying it was “smelly”. When the incident happened, he had already lost it, having said, “What a joke. That stinks.”

Masi problems

F1 pundit Martin Brundle insisted, however, that sacking Masi would not be the solutio to the fiasco at hand. 

“If the FIA and F1 want Michael Masi to stay, and if Michael Masi wants to stay, he’s clearly only got one life left. So I don’t know if that’s tenable all around,” he said. 

“Who would you replace him with? Be careful what you wish for, I would say in this.

“What I absolutely know for sure is that changing Michael Masi will not fix the problem. This is way too big a job for one person to handle, in a 23-race season that’s only going to grow.”

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