London GP set to become second England race in Formula One

A London GP is set to come to Formula One, making it the second race in Great Britain.

Talks began for a race in London a while ago. The plan is to have a race around London’s East End and Royal Docks. It will be a street circuit race like the one in Baku or Singapore.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave his approval for the project, and that means Britain will host a second race after the annual British GP at Silverstone.

The news came after US investment firm 777 Partners received the funding to build a top-class street circuit. It will be built alongside a new sports complex in Newham.

As a result, a London GP is set to come to Formula One, and it will join a list of other new races set to appear on the calendar.

As quoted by Formula Nerds, founder of 777 Partners Josh Wander said, “We are hopeful that it is coming. We are hugely excited about it.

“There will be an electric atmosphere as the greatest athletes in the world, along with an international fanbase and the world’s largest companies as sponsors, descend on the Docks for race weekend.”

The layout for the London GP. Source: Daily Mail

Marquee event

Sadiq Khan’s vision to transform East London has been in the works for a while now. The London GP is one of his planned ventures, and it is now close to becoming a reality.

Moreover, the race will be the most eco-friendly one on the F1 calendar. The investment that will go into it is very lucrative, and it will compete against other extravagant races that are being planned around the world.

There is no information on the circuit and how it will be. However, it will be a second race in addition to the British GP, and its inclusion will not threaten the traditional UK festivities in any way, shape or form.

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