Former F1 hopeful predicts grim future for Sebastian Vettel if he agrees IndyCar deal – “The car isn’t driving you here”

Christian Lundgaard tried to make the cut as a Formula 1 driver, but failed in his attempt and eventually went to IndyCar to further his racing career.

The former Alpine junior believes that IndyCar might seem like the natural progression for Vettel, who recently announced his decision to retire from F1.

However, he has warned the German that he may not find success as “the car isn’t driving you, you are driving the car”.

Rahal Letterman Lanigan’s team has recently expressed interest in luring Vettel, with co-owner Bobby Rahal explaining why he sees the four-time F1 world champion as a great fit for his team.

Lundgaard, though, believes Vettel needs to enter the racing series with his eyes open or he risks getting his reputation blown away.

“I think it would be cool for Sebastian to drive an IndyCar, honestly,” said Lundgaard.

“I’ve driven Formula 1 cars. I’ve tested quite a few days with Renault. So for me, I’ll say it as it is – personally, that was the easiest car I’ve ever driven. It’s easy to drive to a certain extent.

“And the reason why we see Formula 1 being, I would say, split up in the front of the field and then the midfield is extremely close, is the car is very easy to drive to a certain limit. Then finding that half a second to a second is what’s tough. Because the car’s got so much downforce it will stick, right?

“So I think for Sebastian to come over here and try a car you need to hustle, you need to work the car and…the car isn’t driving you, you are driving the car, I think that would be a tough transition.

“But I think honestly there’s a lot of F1 drivers I wish would try an IndyCar.”

Lundgaard predicts IndyCar success for F2 leader Drugovich

Christian Lundgaard. Credit:
Christian Lundgaard. Credit:

Lundgaard also believes F2 championship leader Felipe Drugovich should seek a career in IndyCar if an F1 team doesn’t sign him next year. He had similar words for Marcus Armstrong.

“I think looking at Felipe, he’s done an extremely good job this year,” Lundgaard said.

“He had a very, very good start to the season which has put him in this position to be able to get points and still keep the lead in the championship.

“I was team-mates with Marcus in 2020 in F2. I know he had a very tough year that year, but I know Marcus is a good driver. I know he can hustle a car as well. I don’t know that much about Felipe overall, but I think Marcus for sure would be able to be fast.

“The thing about IndyCar is you need to be fast every single time and that’s tough. I think the transition to ovals is tough.”

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