Mark Hughes provides update on futures of Tsunoda and Albon

Prominent F1 journalist Mark Hughes has provided an update on the futures of Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon.

The second half of the season is underway, and the grid for next season is shaping up. Some drivers have already secured their seats, while other are yet to do so. The former club contains drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso, who will stay at Mercedes, Red Bull and Alpine respectively.

Hughes predicted where Tsunoda and Albon will race next season. The two are Red Bull academy drivers, and face uncertainty for next season. However, Hughes has made a huge claim, and provided updates on the futures of Tsunoda and Albon.

Replying to a fan from his official Twitter account, Hughes said, “Nah Tsunoda’s not going anywhere and Albon will go to Williams.”

Hughes has dropped an absolute banger, because that would have multiple meanings. If Albon is indeed going to Williams, that would mean he is joining Nicholas Latifi there. Subsequently, that would mean only one thing, and that’s George Russell making the move to Mercedes.

The chain reaction would reach its last stage with Valtteri Bottas moving to another team, possibly Alfa Romeo, to replace the retiring Kimi Raikkonen, if rumours are to be believed. In eleven words, Hughes has dropped a serious update.

Faith in the card

Tsunoda staying, meanwhile, shows AlphaTauri’s faith in the youngster. He hasn’t had the best season, but AlphaTauri’s technical director had already backed him earlier.

As quoted by Autosport, Jody Egginton said, “If you consider any first-time driver in F1 who’s had any length of career, they have ups and downs.

“I can think back to my time in previous teams where, at the start of the season with a young driver, there was a mixture of exuberance and bad luck. It’s not unusual for me. It’s frustrating and challenging, but it’s not out of the blue.

“I think some of the added focus is on the fact that he had a good opening race. The car’s competitive, and then the expectation goes up, but you’re still on that same learning process,” he concluded.

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