Marko calls out Mercedes antics – “They are sore losers and what they did shows their true mentality”

Helmut Marko called out Mercedes after the events in Abu Dhabi, saying that they were embarrassing for protesting.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen clinched his maiden world title in absolutely dramatic, intense and controversial circumstances. A late Safety Car period and an absolute bottlejob from the FIA gifted him the title on the last lap.

Lewis Hamilton was left heartbroken and robbed by what had happened. None of it was Verstappen and Red Bull’s fault, but Mercedes protested against what had happened.

Marko called out Mercedes after the events in Abu Dhabi, and lashed out for trying to discredit his team’s achievements.

As quoted by, the Red Bull team advisor said, “What happened is unworthy of a world title race.

“It says a lot about their mentality. I think they are sore losers. That’s their attitude, it’s been like that all season.

“We don’t care, we are the moral winners – whether it comes left or right.”

Marko embracing Verstappen after the latter’s title win. Source:

The Austrian also spoke about the ambiguity in F1’s rules, saying, “They need to be simplified.

“It cannot be that the rules are interpreted differently every time. The starting point must be to let them race.”

Desperate Merc

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner ironically praised the stewards after blasting them last week, and said that they made the right decision in letting Verstappen past the backmarkers.

“(Mercedes’ protests) obviously felt a little bit desperate,” he said. “We didn’t want it to finish in front of the stewards.

“They’ve been great competitors this year and Lewis has been a phenomenal driver.

“It’s had its moments, it’s been tense, it’s been tough, but we’re just delighted with the outcome and we’re very proud of Max, who’s been phenomenal this year,” he concluded.

We have surely not seen the end of this saga. As F1 heads to the off-season, there will be court involvements and more drama unfolding.

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