Marko confirms ‘major risk’ taken by Red Bull ahead of Emilia Romagna GP

Red Bull looks all set to take a “major risk” by introducing updates to its car ahead of the Grand Prix in Imola.

Ferrari had earlier ruled out the possibility of bringing upgrades to the F1-75 to Imola, citing the limited track time the car will have due to the first sprint race of the season.

“It is very clear,” Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko said.

“Ferrari has such a complex package that it is easy to set up. With us, everything has to be perfect for us to deal with that.

“That’s exactly why we take this risk now of bringing new parts with just one practice session available. We want to fully attack and take our chances instead of just waiting.

“Ferrari and Leclerc are just too strong for that.”

Red Bull keen to shed excess weight off car

Red Bull F1. Credit:

The Red Bull is believed to be one of the heaviest cars on the circuit, with Marko claiming that it was almost 10kg heavier than the Ferrari.

He chose to give a funny analogy to how the car is shedding its weight, saying the process will be the same way as it is with people – slow and steady.

“It doesn’t happen overnight,” Marko said.

“It’s a lengthy process because we’re a lot overweight – at least a lot more than Ferrari.

“If we get to Barcelona close to Ferrari’s level, we will be satisfied.”

Marko not ruling out Mercedes fightback

Mercedes W13. Credit:

Mercedes may have struggled in the early part of the season, but Marko is wise enough to know that the Silver Arrows can always turn their fortunes around.

“The fact that they are ahead of us with a car that is certainly not among the fastest three shows that.

“At some point the knot will loosen and the aerodynamics will work but at the moment they are one second behind in qualifying and not a direct opponent for us.

“But that can change relatively quickly.”

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