Helmut Marko demands FIA rule change to stop Lewis Hamilton advantage – “It makes his life easier”

Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko wants the FIA to impose a rule that will see a limit being placed on the number of discussions between drivers and their teams during races.

Marko believes that drivers should not get the additional technical support from their backroom staff while they are on the track.

The 79-year-old further stated that only one-way communication should be allowed, wherein the driver can speak in a one-way channel.

This is a rather strange thing for him to suggest, given how Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has established a very strong partnership with engineer Gianpiero Lambiase.

However, for Marko, it is far more frustrating to see rival drivers gain this advantage as he believes in terms of skill, Verstappen is clearly the strongest driver.

What did Marko say?

Helmut Marko. Credit: gpfans.net

“It’s partly like being in driving school,” said Marko.

“You could limit it so that it only goes in one direction, that you only let the driver do it, but don’t let him get technical support.

“It’s like: ‘You lose five meters in turn ten when braking and in turn three the other driver takes it a little more slowly.’

“So [Lewis] Hamilton, who has his hand on the radio, he then tells him: ‘You lose five metres in Turn 10 on braking and in Turn 3 the other driver goes in a bit slower but comes out better.’

“A driver gets all this information and that makes it easier for him.””

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