Marko details how Verstappen has evolved – “In the past, he would always explode”

Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko detailed how Max Verstappen has evolved over the years, saying maturity came with age.

From the time he debuted in F1, Verstappen was labelled an elite driver. However, he gained a reputation for being an extremely rash and immature racer, and would often let emotions get the best of him.

However, as more seasons came under his belt, the Dutchman started showing less of that aggressive decision-making and more of thought-out decisions. It helped him in his development, including netting him a world championship in 2021.

Marko detailed how Verstappen has evolved over the years, saying it came through his own decisions and the help of those around him.

“You have to remember, he is still not older than 24,” the Austrian said during an interview with Austrian magazine Autorevue, as quoted by Planet F1.

“Max has clearly matured. That also has a bit to do with the weaning, because he was super-trained and shaped by his father. The relationship is still very close, but Max has his own opinion today.

Max Verstappen talking to Jos at the Abu Dhabi GP. Yas Marina December 2021.
Verstappen (right) has undergone a transformation over the years. Source:

“This process of maturity was partly not so visible from the outside, but it has reached the highest level very quickly.

“Because in the past, if something didn’t go right in preparation, he would always explode. Today he stays calm. We had a few technical problems. Now he just sees the whole picture.”

Clinical mentality

“Verstappen has driven almost flawlessly, has improved in all areas and is no longer impetuous,” the 78-year-old continued.

“In the past, he would have liked to do everything on the first lap.

“There’s nothing there but ‘I want to win, and I’ll do everything for it’. And they grow beyond normally non-existent possibilities.”

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