Marko dismisses underdog story in 2022 – “The balance of power will remain the same”

Red bull team advisor Helmut Marko dismissed the possibility of an underdog story in 2022, saying the tier list will remain the same as the 2021 season.

The 2022 regulations have provided every team with a clean slate. It is a complete reset to the sport, with every team facing the possibility of climbing up or slipping down.

Any outfit could nail the regulations and ascend to the top of the F1 mountain in the upcoming years. It could be a similar story to what Mercedes did in 2014 when the turbo-hybrid era kicked off.

However, Marko dismissed the possibility of an underdog story in 2022, saying the usual suspects will still reign supreme.

“The double diffuser (used by Brawn to take a shock world championship) was a political thing back then,” he told Autorevue, as quoted by GP Fans.

“With the standard teams like Mercedes and Red Bull have today – with simulation, computers and all the resources – I don’t believe in it.”

Red Bull - No scope for Brawn repeat in new F1 era
Brawn (pictured) was the last underdog story in F1. Source:

Two kings

Marko also addressed the upcoming season’s prospects, and proved his point by stating what happened in 2021.

“Hopefully it (the grid) will get closer,” he added.

“Because basically, in driving at full speed, the two of them (championship protagonists Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen) lapped the field.

“But I think the balance of power will remain the same. Perhaps Ferrari will take another step and win a race or two on its own.

“The final step they took on the engine (last year) was clear, and from what you hear, they are also doing very well when it comes to e-fuels. But you need consistency throughout the year,” he concluded.

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